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very pure form of heroin, alternately a fentanyl analog used as a heroin substitute



Lab 7: What is That White Powder?

Lab 7: What is That White Powder? Goals: The goal of this lab is to identify all five of the unknown white powders you are given. Each of these powders can be superficially described as a "dry white powder", but they have different chemical and physical properties.


WHAT'S THAT WHITE POWDER? 2 WHAT'S THAT WHITE POWDER? Forensic chemists rarely visit crime scenes; they handle evidence brought back to the lab. Evidence may include hair samples, paint chips, glass fragments, blood stains and more.

Signs of Smoking Heroin | Livestrong.com

Heroin is a highly addictive, semi-synthetic drug extracted from the opium poppy. Heroin quality and consistency varies, from the white powder commonly found on the East Coast of the United States to the thick, black tar heroin increasingly popular on the West Coast, as …

What is the Difference between Black, Pyrodex, Triple ...

In black powder the fuel is carbon; we are just burning charcoal. Black powder is horribly inefficient, as only about 50% of its mass turns into gas. The rest is solid residue that is forced out the muzzle as white smoke or left in the bore as corrosive fouling crud. Pyrodex is the most common "black powder substitute." It is really the only ...

White Powder of Gold

Aug 29, 2011· The manna, the white powder of gold, is the food, the light, one takes into their body. It is the Food of the Gods. A modern day Rabbi might tell you that no one has known how to make the manna, the white powder of Gold, since the destruction of the Temple of Solomon. The technique is, supposedly, a lost art or lost knowledge.

DIY Powder Coating - YouTube

Jun 29, 2011· Video showing you how to powder coat on your own with a few simple things.

What Causes White Residue on Washed Clothes

It can be white specks or streaks left on dark clothes or blue or green residue left on light-colored clothes. Here are the reasons it is happening and what you can do to stop the problem. ... For best results, dissolve the powder first in a cup of hot water before adding it to the washer or switch to liquid formula.

White chocolate - Wikipedia

White chocolate is a chocolate confection made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids.White chocolate doesn't contain cocoa solids, which are found in other types of chocolate. It is characterized by a pale ivory color. The melting point of cocoa butter, the only cocoa bean component of white chocolate, is high enough to keep white …

Inspiration for the Space Around You | Hunker

Hunker Made BUY NOW. Sepon Terrazo Vase. The Citizenry BUY NOW. Sayagata Cutting Board by Elfina. Society6 BUY NOW. The Rui Rectangle by Hunker Made. Hunker Made BUY NOW. 10 Candles for the Friend That Prefers to Stay In. Gift Guide Target's New Opalhouse Holiday Items Are a Cozy, Jewel-Toned Winter Wonderland.

Milk Powders | From Nature With Love

Milk powders can be doubled to 8 tablespoons per cup of liquid to make it extra creamy and add extra fat. To prevent curdling in cold process soap making, chill your milk powder mixture. To use milk powders in melt & pour soap making, measure out 1 tablespoon of powder per pound of soap. Make a thick paste with a small amount of water.

McCormick® Chili Powder | McCormick

About Chili Powder. If you've ever attended a neighborhood chili cook-off, then you know there are as many chili recipes as there are cooks. But there's also an essential starting point—an earthy, complex, well-balanced flavor to set the stage for your own special additions.

The Easiest Way to Get White Clothes White Again - wikiHow

Sep 08, 2019· This is the least damaging way to get your clothes dry, as it is the gentlest option and won't stretch the fibers as much as the dryer would. It may seem like extra work, but before you know it, it'll be a habit to wash your white clothes differently from your colored ones. And your clothes will look much better in the long run!

White Powder - YouTube

White Powder uploaded a video 3 years ago 6:30 l'éxo beurette air fax,la france islamophobe j'deterre sa grand mere "remix" - Duration: 6 minutes, 30 seconds.

POWDER Magazine - The Skier's Magazine

Powder is a 46-year-old publication known for its authenticity, storytelling, and artistic aesthetic. Nothing beats having the award-winning magazine delivered right to your door. Subscribe to "the skier's magazine" and never miss a story again.

White Powder Gold - Creativity, Spirituality & Philosophy ...

Feb 06, 2010· I have some white powder gold for sale, it instantly cures gullibility!!! Just send money to my bank account in the cayman islands, and your bank account details too. Oh, btw, this guy is a con man, he used to get around with some fake prince once, funny shit. Don't get me wrong, I like my white powders, just not the monatomic nonexistant types.

White Powder Gold Home Page

White powder gold has changed me for the better. I use just 4 drops a day of this product, and it has restored my health, my youth,and my life! We have developed a process to create White Powder Gold that is more efficient than the original process described by David Hudson.

Buy Kratom Powder & Capsules Online | FREE SHIPPING

Our vast variety of strains with the high-quality, organic kratom powder ground from the finest leaves, plus our friendly, fast shipping and knowledgeable staff make BestKratom the most reliable and the best place to buy kratom.

Protein Powder: What You Should Know - WebMD

If you go to a gym, you've probably heard the guys by the weight machines talking about the protein shakes they drink after a workout and what kind of shake they prefer. Protein powders -- made ...

Anthrax hoaxes - Wikipedia

Anthrax hoaxes involving the use of white powder or labels to falsely suggest the use of anthrax are frequently reported in the United States and globally. Hoaxes have increased following the 2001 anthrax attacks, after which no genuine anthrax attacks have occurred.The FBI and U.S. postal inspectors have responded to thousands of "white powder events" and targets have included government ...

Chocolate Substitution Chart

Substitute 1-ounce milk chocolate or white chocolate chips for every 1-ounce white chocolate. (Color and flavor will vary.) Cocoa, Unsweetened: Substitute equal amounts of Dutch-processed cocoa for unsweetened cocoa. Leave out any baking soda called for in the recipe. 3 tablespoon carob powder plus 2 tablespoons water for every 1-ounce ...

Finally There's An Easy Way To Clean Off Your White Shoes ...

(The sun helps the mixture work to turn the shoes bright white again. The brighter and hotter the day the better.) * Leave them out for 3–4 hours, or until the mixture is dry and cracking off.

Mama June Arrested for Crack Cocaine in Manic State

Mar 16, 2019· Mama June's drug arrest was more serious than we knew, because cops say she admitted the white powder they found was crack cocaine, and she was also caught with a needle and a pipe. TMZ broke the ...

Purple Pillow Review: A 10-Pound $100 Pillow? - YouTube

Jan 11, 2018· I talk about how long the smell lasts and the "mysterious" white powder. There is also a brief comparison to other pillows, including the MyPillow Classic. Would you pay $100 for this pillow?

Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 8 oz Cans | HERSHEY'S

Raise your baking game with HERSHEY'S Unsweetened Cocoa Powder and get heavenly hot chocolate, ... HERSHEY'S Premier White Chips, 12-Ounce Bag ... 8-Ounce Cans. VIEW ALL. How much caffeine is in one serving of HERSHEY'S Cocoa? HERSHEY'S Cocoa has 8 mg of caffeine in a 1 tablespoon serving—much less than your average 8-ounce cup of coffee ...

Airbag Inflation | HowStuffWorks

The bag itself is made of a thin, nylon fabric, which is folded into the steering wheel or dashboard or, more recently, the seat or door.; The sensor is the device that tells the bag to inflate. Inflation happens when there is a collision force equal to running into a brick wall at 10 to …

The 6 Best Substitutes for Cream of Tartar

Dec 20, 2017· Like cream of tartar, white vinegar is acidic. It can be swapped for cream of tartar when you find yourself in a pinch in the kitchen. This substitute works best when you're stabilizing egg ...

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